Makeup Mum

With Mothers day approaching it made me think of how Life has changed somewhat in the past year. Last february we welcomed our most gorgeous baby girl Edie to the world. I never could have imagined the love I could feel and the organisation skills i would acquire ! Learning how to do pretty much everything one handed whilst carrying a baby in the other arm has become quite the norm. Edie joined me on a photoshoot with the incredible Noor - Queen of jet lags and also her daughter for Swarovski only last year.  The production team and brand were fantastic and how super for supporting working Mums. Edie in one hand, makeup brushes in the other ! 

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Since becoming a Mum it really has made me think of my Mum and all the Mums and Mums to be out there, Being a woman is so flipping brilliant ! Yes we get the nutty hormones and occasional mood swings but living in the world today as a woman we can truly be anything we want to be !

So this is just a little blog to celebrate all the women out there, 

Sian x

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